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IPSIPay for business


Our digital payment solutions mean you now get access to a much wider range of consumers, including those with a bank account and those without, those with credit/debit/prepaid cards, or those who only have cash – you will capture them all.

Those with cryptocurrency no longer need to be turned away: with IPSIPay’s technology, any source of funds becomes a fiat currency. We ensure quick, low-cost, and secure transactions.


Looking for better ACH options? IPSIPayroll allows employees to receive their paychecks directly in their IPSIPay Digital Wallet or opt to receive money on one of our pre-paid cards, which can be used to top up and withdraw funds, shop online, send money, and more. Funds on the card can be used to send money abroad or pay for services at no additional cost.

Additionally, we offer Integrated loyalty programs and cashback options, allowing you to create a strong bond with employees, higher retention rates, and less payday stress for you.


The gig economy is strong in 2021, but getting paid as a freelancer isn’t always easy. IPSIPay streamlines your remote work and allows you to accept payments in any currency, including crypto. Our platform is fast, secure, and costs a fraction of the other guys, allowing you to focus on growing your freelance business. It’s never been easier to get paid!

IPSI Kiosks

Our kiosks, in operation in Mexico since 2013, will deliver vital digital financial solutions to communities that’ve previously been left out. In 2019 these kiosks processed over $17 million in transactions across Mexico. We plan to install 50 kiosks in retail locations in Southern California, with an aim to roll out over 5000 kiosks in the state of California alone. IPSI Kiosk provides value for businesses and consumers.

For businesses, the IPSI Kiosk:

  • Serves as an additional revenue source
  • Attracts new traffic and potential customers
  • Offers remote software updates and monitoring, making the kiosks low maintenance
  • Is easy to use, with little need for customer service intervention
  • And requires minimal staff training and overhead

For consumers, the IPSI Kiosk:

  • Offers a more comfortable alternative for making payments for cash-dependent unbanked individuals and those uncomfortable with online payments
  • Is accessible 24/7 for bill payment services
  • IPSI Kiosk also provides add-on services that further its value proposition for both businesses and consumers. These include the second screen and targeted advertisement options, payday loans, check deposits, prepaid cards, and checkout services.